ERIKA HOSTS PRIVATE YOGA EVENTS. Email to set something up:

1810 Courtland Avenue, Cincinnati, OH, USA


Welcome to Yoga with Erika: Host of Private Yoga in Norwood, OH

Yoga with Erika hosts :

Private Events in the studio:


Yoga Brunch Club! They do yoga then hit up a local restaurant for brunch. What a great idea ladies! Contact me if you would like to start your own Yoga Club. 

Private Events at your work place:


I can come to you! I can meet you at your work place (or another appropriate location) for a yoga class. I will create a class that meets the needs of everyone in the group! Contact me for more info.

Community Events at local establishments:


I’ve partnered with a local distillery to host a monthly DEtox REtox Event. We DEtox with Yoga, then REtox with cocktails! Contact me if your business would like to set up an event.

Private Events for the littles:


Littles love yoga! I can host any type of event for children of all ages; birthdays, end of a sports season, play dates, reward parties ... and more.  (Besides being a certified yoga instructor, I am a licensed early childhood educator.) Yoga is for everyone! Contact me and let’s set something up!


I can create a class that is appropriate for any yogi; beginner, intermediate or advanced